Tuesday, January 16, 2007


In english twelve we were suppose to find what another student wrote and comment it. I choose a quote from Meghan's page She state's "What if I don't succeed in what I want? What if I can't pay bills? What if I lock my keys in my car? Who will be there to help me? NO ONE! I mean, yeah, I'm sure I'll make new friends but I don't want any I want my old ones, the ones I've known since first grade! To put it in simple terms, I'm petrified to go to college!." I'm sure most of the senior class feels like Meghan does I do. College scares me but I know that the people who love me and care about me will be with me every step of the way. It's important to further our education to support our self's financially and college is the first step we have to take in order to get where we want to go in life, if we want to be successful individuals. Its scary to leave familiar things but some of the best thing in life require us to leave our haven of comfort and security. Well thats all I have to say good-luck to everyone.


This post is late but to comment on The Luxury of Giving I thought it was great. I think that Christmas is supposed to be seen more as of a season of giving instead of recieving. I'm glad there are still people who are kind and want to help others other than themselves. If everyone tried to go out of there way each day to help someone the world could be a little bit better.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I chose William Blake as my new poet. I have read many of his works and find them very insightful and deep at times. His use of langage is unique in it's own way. Eveyone should check out his poetry I personally enjoyed his poems
To The Evening Star and Tyger,Tyger.

Monday, January 08, 2007


In English 12 we were to take two articles that were the same topic but opposite each other and write a poem on them. I used the article when the Trojans beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl and Mr. Williams death because he was a Bronco player. These two events go back and forth in my poem so it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Broncos Blow before Rose
2-am in a rented limousine. Opening kickoff finally came.
A veichel pulls up alongside. They played for redemption and pride.
Bronco's Williams fatally shot in a drive-by. there were no national titles up for grabs.
Williams had played his last game, 3-am William's was pronounced dead.
To lose a young player. A great young man. To lose him in such a senseless manner.
He was a first class young man. Calling it the consolation bowl. Trojans top Michigan.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This past year was alright I think I could of excelled more in certain areas of my academic studies. I wanted to get my drivers license but failed to do so. I also didn't read as much as I would of liked to. This year I plan on graduating getting my driver's license and reading. I would also like to raise my over all average about seven points. I also want to take a trip this year but not sure where. I think having a resolution is a great way to get-people motivated but every-time I try I fail to meet many of my resolutions. I hope to make this a great year and go above and beyond my goals will have to see how it turns out.

Monday, November 13, 2006


In english twelve we are reading Slaughter House Five . WW2 and Vietnam are portrayed in the novel. WW2 is seen by the world as a great war because we aided Britain in defeating Germany. We helped Korea in Vietnam but we didn't win and many soldiers were killed. The world viewed Vietnam as a horrible war. Vongut views both wars as horrible and they should be avoided because people die. I think that both wars were devastating but necessary in helping America to be what it is today. There is many similarities but one difference in the wars. How the world viewed what we as a country were doing is what made a huge difference in how the wars were scene.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


In English twelve we were to read The Secret Letter and compare it to the novel Slaughter House Five. The solider in The Secret Letter talked about war and how hard it was. In the novel Slaughter House Five Billy Piligrim shows the reader what war was like for him. The soliders experince and Billy Pilgrim's experince in war are very similiar. Both have to deal with facing the fact that they might die at anytime. They also use artillary although technology in artillary is muched more advanced today then back in Billy's time. There both super far from home and have to do with lack of sleep missing meals etc.

There are also some differences between the solider and Billy. Billy is portrayed in the nove l as a person who doesn't want to live he whishes he was dead. The solider cares about living though and fights everyday. Billy can become unstuck in time and the solider can't. There is also adifference in climate Billy wsa in Germany during the winter and the solider has to do with extreme heat from the desert.

I don't think the letter is for war and against it, it's just a solider's letter that discribes what war is like.The solider talks about things he remembers and tells the reader about it.

Monday, October 16, 2006


In English 12's Slaughter House Five we learn that Billy has visited a planet where tralfamadorians can see everything we have done are doing and will do. I think if Billy does try and tell people they can change there future it won't make much of a difference. People will always do what they want even if you tell them the consequences becuase people have free will to do what they want and one persons opinion on a matter may or may not affect them becuase of the ablity to be able too choose how they wish to run there life.
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